Enhancing Global Presence

Integral Development Corporation

Integral Development is a long-standing international financial technology company, working to establish themselves as a leader in the industry. As a part of the in-house marketing and design team, I sought out the task of updating the designs of the booths used at international trade shows. With the objective of specializing to be more inclusive of the local markets, I pushed for full use of the brand's visual identity to execute vibrant and immersive booth experiences.


In Istanbul, we used recognizable landmarks from the United States and Turkey to convey international transparency. Instead of relying on the main American blue color, I was inspired by Turkey's vibrant culture to chose to use use various tones of Integral's normally tertiary orange brand color. Using the monotone palette and translucence, I added depth the different levels of landmarks. While this color was a risk for the brand, it was perceived as a show of confidence and a huge draw-in for attendees.


In Macau, I elevated a secondary red color from the brand's palette to prominence in celebration the Chinese New Year. Consulting with various resources on the best approach, I'd learned that red was culturally-appropriate for celebrations specifically around prosperity. I designed the horse in cloud graphic as a play on the Year of the Horse and Integral's cloud-based service offering and used it both on the booth and in presentations, advertisements, and on red envelopes to pass out as gifts.


In Asofondos, I refocused on the brand's primary blue color to establish designs that could be used more generically. Rather than prioritizing the inclusion of the local market, I developed an organic hub and spoke grid to communicate the real connections made by their global network used by companies of all sizes. I also reinterpreted the technique from our booth in Turkey, using a more generic set of internationally recognizable landmarks, to design reusable pop-up banners that framed the entrance of the event.

Developing these booths from an organic and culturally inclusive perspective was a lesson in understanding your markets. After pushing the industry for over a decade, Integral allowed me to take risks with the brand and successfully made waves in a sea of visually similar competition on multiple occasions. Their trust in my ability to so appropriately shaped my approach to clients with unique cultural understandings enabling me to navigate the same waters with more ease.