Driving Digital Adaptation.

Alain Pinel Realtors

Digitizing Success

Alain Pinel Realtors (APR) was a family-owned residential real estate company in California with a focus on luxury properties. They'd already dominated the largely print-based real estate advertising arena for over 20 years when I joined the team to help expand that reputation into the digital landscape. I dove right in redesigning their existing set of seasonal e-cards for the company's 1400 agents to share during the holiday season.

Super Spreads

One of the most crucial pieces in expanding on their advertising successes was translating the existing award-winning print communications from newspapers into digital publications. Through a long-standing partnership, we identified a previously unexplored advertising opportunity to engulf audiences in our marketing campaigns and created a set of 'super' wrap online advertisements from the current campaign.


Reinventing the Website

APR prided itself on being one of the first brokerages to offer a website with a listings search, making incremental updates throughout the years to keep the web property up to date with current standards and aesthetics. Presented with a loose wireframe showing the ideal items and layout, I created the site mock-up and iterated on the asset choices to mold a bright and locally-focused user experience.

Over the course of a year and a half at APR, I continued to act as creative direction and production for the graphics designs of the brand, also completing redesigns of presentations and event collateral. This brand leadership would even see my digital interpretations come full circle and back into the print world through large-scale booths and brochures.