Crafting to the Beat.

SoundHound, Inc.

Soundhound is an audio and speech recognition company pioneering solutions for a voice-enabled world. Before the public launch of their stealthy mission to 'Houndify everything', they were most known for their namesake song recognition app. I joined the team full-time during these early days to contribute to the design and creative direction of graphics within the SoundHound app. My first task was to execute new ideas from the existing style guide to refresh the in-app and social assets used to promote music charts.

In developing the new designs, we brainstormed to discover distinctive titles and give life to each genre, landing on creative solutions for the normal tired labels. I specifically loved how millennial we got with 'What's Poppin' for the Top 40 hits and 'The Vibe' for more urban rap and RnB hits. Each creative was translated seamlessly across the entire user flow, from first glance in the Home screen of the app to the chart itself, during the listening screens, and into social media posts.

Each cover featured overlays of two of the genre's most historically popular artists from the app paired with a distinct blend of colors from Soundhound's expansive color wheel. These colors were assigned to specific charts based on the order they appear in the app and also capitalize on the inherit swiping navigation gesture. When swiping across the charts in the SoundHound app, these gradual color transitions bring a sense of unity to the high variation and provide a distinct color scheme for each genre.

Redesigning these units to marry big brand ideas to functional product showcases was a cross-functional effort. I found myself developing an understanding of user experience and interaction to effectively execute on marketing needs while still upholding the standards of product design. As the two teams came together more frequently, we uncovered distinct overlaps in process and decision-making and restructured to house creative direction under a single product lead and set the visuals on a unified course.