Find What Matters.

Tile, Inc.

Building the Theme

Tile is a bluetooth-tracker with with a focus on empowering it's community to locate the things that matter most. I partnered with the team as a contractor and hopped directly into brainstorming campaigns for seasonal events/holidays and generating creative for product promotions, sales, and brand stories with the Marketing team. One of the more memorable campaigns was for St. Patrick's Day and themed around making your own luck by having Tile around.

With the campaign messaging in place, I brainstormed and presented potential branding opportunities and we arrived at a multi-purpose text lock-up that would ultimately pair Tile's brand font, Museo, with the script font Shelby. To add seasonal relevance to the campaign, I also developed a monotone mint color palette, created 2D and 3D clover graphics, and selected a warm wood background from existing assets.

Extending the Campaign

Together with the custom text lock-up, these assets served as a small design system and enabled both myself and agency partners to quickly create in-theme assets for various purposes throughout the campaign. That came in handy as we stretched the campaign across all customer touch-points through online ads, blog content, internal web pages, and a series of marketing emails.


Inspired by the real user stories we planned to promote in this campaign, I also designed new contextual illustrations to support features in our email series. Repurposing notable icons from Tile's existing set, like the 'Community Find' and 'Ring It' icons, I recreated the stage to e visual narrative of these stories where Tile was the real lucky charm.

The 'Make Your Own Luck' campaign was one of many campaigns where we sought to strike a balance between meeting adamant business needs and telling a brand story ingrained in Tile's community values. These deeper narrative explorations would ultimately lead the company to a brand refresh where they would step away from being so product-driven and refocus on helping people find the things that matter.